KABAR Backpack KASTER Wilderness Survival and Fishing Kit


Our KABAR Backpack KASTER Wilderness Survival and Fishing Kit is a great kit for backpackers,hikers,bug-out bags, hunters and anyone else who recreates outdoors and May find themselves in wilderness emergency. This kit also makes a great compact fishing kit for everyday use as well. Perfect for multiple applications and takes up very little room in your pack!! All kits are hand assembled, inspected and shipped as ordered.

Kit Contents:

KABAR Backpack KASTER HAND Fishing Reel
3 Small Fishing Hooks
3 Split Shot Sinkers
3 Swivels
1 Cork Float/Bobber
1 Spark Wheel Fire Starter
3 Fire Plugs/FireStarters
3 Spare Flints
3 Small Zip Ties
1 Water Bag
1 Aquatabs Water Treatment/Disinfectant Tablets
100 Feet Braided Fishing Line-10lb Test
20 Feet of #9 Tarred Bankline
Lanyard Loop
10 Feet of Paracord
1 Emergency Rescue Whistle
1 Brunton Ball Compass

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