Kids Wilderness Survival and Safety Kits


Our kids wilderness survival/safety kits were designed by professional Search and Rescue and Wilderness Survival educators. These kits are the result of multiple and lengthy case studies of children who became lost in wilderness environments. Weighing in at less than 12 ounces, these kits are lightweight, portable, and easily carried by the smallest of children for extended periods of time with almost zero effort. All kits and components are hand inspected and assembled prior to shipping. Here at Strategic Self-Reliance and Defense, we firmly believe that proper training along with quality gear is crucial to survival in any environment. Therefore, purchasers of any of our kits will receive 25% off of their training course of choice (Tactical Medical, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Medical, Standard Medical, Parent/Child's Wilderness Survival.)

Waist Pack/Pouch
Emergency Whistle
Mylar blanket
Mini BIC lighter
Assorted Bandages
Brunton or Suunto compass
Signal mirror
Mylar lined emergency Poncho
Fire starters - 3
Aquatabs (Water purification tablets )
Mylar zip-seal quart water bag
Paracord - 20 ft

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