Tactical I.F.A.K. (Individual First Aid Kit)


Our Tactical/Blowout kits are designed and built using only top quality components. These kits are perfect for active shooter response, law enforcement, military, medical first responders, church security, competition shooters, firing range safety, businesses, classrooms, and anyone else where emergency medical response may be delayed. All kits and components are hand inspected and assembled prior to shipping. Here at Strategic Self-Reliance and Defense, we firmly believe that proper training along with quality gear is crucial to survival in any environment. Therefore, purchasers of any of our kits will receive 25% off of their training course of choice (Tactical Medical, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Medical, Standard Medical, Parent/Child's Wilderness Survival.)

Rip away pouch
Hyfin vent chest seal - 2 pk
Mylar blanket
Triangular bandage
Quick Clot gauze
CAT tourniquet - GEN 7
Rolled gauze -3
Gloves - 2 pair
Nasopharyngeal airway with lube - 28F
Israeli bandage
Gauze pad - 5x9
Medical tape
Gorilla tape - 3 ft
Petrolatum gauze

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